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Guarantee your window and door installation with this critical question?

When it comes to having work undertaken on your property, we know you want a competitive price and avoid cowboy builders. We have all seen Matt Alright’s program on TV and the last thing you want is to be part of it!  The good news is that when it comes to upgrading your windows and doors you can qualify the skills of your chosen company by asking one simple question.

After carefully browsing suppliers and looking at the range of options or even comparing your home to other similar projects to help you decide on the look, materials and accessories you arrive at a decision on what will enhance the aesthetic of your home. Armed with your ideas most people head straight to Google and start looking for “Window Companies Near me”, “uPVC Installers Near Me”.  Google will present you with a raft of companies ranging from national suppliers, local suppliers, hardware supply or general builders.  There will be paid adeverts and normal search results. But how do you narrow down and select the company that is the right fit for your home improvement project.

2 key points to consider when selecting a uPVC installation company?

When we talk to our customers during and after projects there are two statements we keep hearing. We have phrased these are questions that might be in the forefront of your mind if you are considering upgrading your windows and doors.

Do you want to deal with local people?

We hope so and our customers definitely do. With Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements every customer becomes a friend. We are a small independent firm who will work closely with you to design, produce, and install your home upgrades.

Unlike national windows and door suppliers there is no pushy sales tactics, and you are a name not a number on a sales invoice. As a team we all live locally in the area we work and our showroom is based in Marton near Middlesbrough. With our area of operation ranging from Sunderland to Whitby and out to Darlington, we live and work in the area we serve.

Our goal is your satisfaction and ensuring you are 100% happy. Nothing makes us prouder than passing previous jobs and seeing how good they look months and even years after fitting.

Do you want to speak to real people?

From design to install you will be looked after by a real person.

Before even considering purchasing it is much better to be able to see the real thing. We do not send out small samples of plastic which do not give customers any real idea of the final look. Instead, we have a large, well stocked showroom with lots of windows, doors and conservatory examples for you review. Our team will be happy to give you a tour and explain the benefits and options available for any products that catch your eye.  Our Showroom opening times are available in the footer or on the Showroom Page. You can pop in without an appointment or if you want to ensure one of our team are available to help produce your designs, you can reserve an appointment slot. (If you are coming in for a design appointment take a picture of the front of your house. Makes sure this is is as straight on as possible with no obstructions and we should be abe to produce a rendering of what it your selection will look like on your home).

If you are tech savvy we have provided an innovative door designer on our website that will allow you to experience this from the comfort of your own home. This tool is very easy to use and can be accessed by clicking here.

When you are dealing with Endeavour windows you will most likely speak to Jack or Josh in the first instance or if you have any questions. Jack and Josh are the directors and owners of Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements. You know you are in safe hands with direct access to the company owners and you will never be dealing with call centres or unknown sales people. Our after-care service is expertly handled by Natalie and Samantha who will be able to assist with any questions.

Once you have placed your order, we will add you onto our systems. Whilst we have embraced innovation to allow our customers access to their orders online 24×7, if you have a question you can get in touch with any member of the team.

What is the One Question to guarantee your window and door installation goes smoothly?

Armed with your design ideas and a few ideas of the level of service and quality of job you want how can you now ensure you are spending your hard earned cash with the right company. We are proud of our work and happy to show it off on our website. You can see a range of our recent projects and this is regularly updated. Or you can see posts on and pictures on our social media pages both before, during and after completion. We feel it is important to show all aspects of the job as it demonstrates the care we take when working on our customers home improvements.  Or you can check out our excellent and independent Google or Facebook reviews and if you still want more you can see over 300 review on Check a Trade from our happy customers.  And as we only work in our local area have a look and see if we have been in your area. You might even find someone you know on there who can tell you all about how good a job we do.

But, if you want to cut out all the cowboys and ensure you are getting a quality job that complies with building regulations and has a government backed department on you, the homeowners side then you need to ask one very important question.

Is your company CERTASS Approved?

What is Certass and why is it important to you?

The short version is that CERTASS is Your Assurance in Double Glazing!

The longer explanation is that Certass was established in 2006 by the Department for Communities and Local Government. It is a vital Competent Person Scheme overseeing the double glazing industry and their core mission is to uphold Building Regulations in double glazing installations while safeguarding homeowners’ interests and the quality of work.

When you choose a Certass-registered company like Endeavour Windows & Home Improvement, you are choosing excellence as they rigorously enforce stringent installation standards, ensuring that as members we demonstrate expertise in and adherence to building regulations.

What Certass Represents

When you see the Certass seal of approval you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands, with a company dedicated to delivering superior products, services, and workmanship.

As a Certass-registered company we provide homeowners with a certificate of compliance, eliminating the need for local authorities’ inspections post-installation.

In 2002, building authorities mandated the regulation of double glazing installations to enhance thermal performance, ventilation, and fire safety. These regulations set specific criteria for all double glazing installations and by hiring an Endeavour Windows, an accredited company, you guarantee the quality of your installation and the care we take over delivering top quality products for your home improvement.

Certass’ are on the side of the Homeowners

Certass serves two crucial roles:

  1. ensuring double glazing installations adhere to building regulations
  2. Protecting homeowners’ rights. Read More from Certass on their website

Certass achieve point 2 by regulating the quality of registered companies and safeguarding consumers’ deposits. Homeowners enjoy peace of mind knowing their deposit is secure and protected against subpar installations.

As a Certass-registered installer Endeavour Windows offer insurance-backed guarantees for various aspects of the installation process, extending beyond the standard 10-year guarantee to cover sealing, hardware, paint, surface treatment, and more. This commitment reassures homeowners that any issues arising post-installation will be promptly addressed.

Why Certass Matters to Homeowners

In short; It guarantees the work and compontents for aspects of the installation up to 10-years.

There are six Competent Person Schemes, Certass is recognised as one of the best and most trustworthy. Not only is it trusted and delivers on the side of the homeowner but it is respected by professional installation companies for the standards they uphold. Homeowners turn to Certass for installations, guarantees, and certifications for their replacement windows and doors.

Choosing a Certass-approved installer not only saves time and money by bypassing local authority inspections but also provides financial protection through warranties and indemnities. As a registered company Endeavour Windows & Home Improvements are proud of the standards we uphold to maintain our membership and it is a sign of our top-notch workmanship, aligning with Certass’ stringent standards, that makes choosing a Certass-certified installers a priority for discerning homeowners.

Check our Certass Registration Status

Certass publish publically the information they collect about registered members from our customers. We are proud to consistantly achieve a high rating out of 10 across the categories.

To view the Endeavour Windows Company Profile on Certass please follow this link

  • At the prompt change Search Type to Company Name
  • And in the Search Field enter Endeavour Windows and press search

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