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Care and Maintenance Guide

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Your Solid Core Door is made from an immenseley strong 16 ply cross laminated timber core called Kerto.

It’s a natural product and as such it can from time to time move like any timber product with changes in humidity and temperature. It will return to its normal position as conditions return to normal.

In order to ensure the best performance from your door we recommend that every time you close the door you lift the handle to engage the hook locks into the frame. This will ensure that the natural movement of the door is minimised.

To lock the door, raise the handle 45 degrees upwards. This will engage the hools into the frame. Then turn the key to deadlock the hooks and deadbolt in place.

To unlock the door, turn the key the opposite direction to release the deadlock mechanism. Then depress the handle downward 45 degrees to disengage the hooks from the frame and withdraw the latch.


Read this guide thoroughly before proceeding with any maintenance activities. Read all the warning and cautionary notes for your safety.

Check List – Supplies Needed
  • Dry or Teflon based spray lubricant
  • Light Engineering Oil (such as 3-in-1)
  • Clean, dry cloth(s)
  • Clean warm water
  • Soap (such as washing up liquid)
  • Graphite Powder
Door ComponentMaterialApplication
HardwareDry or Teflon based sprayAll moving components
LockDry or Teflon based sprayA small amount into the cylinder hole. On all hooks/bolts and latches. Apply and operate several times to allow oil to lubricate moving components
CylinderGraphite PowderUsing a Puffer Pot when purchased from the internet. Alternatively, dip the blade of the key in the graphite powder and work the key in the lock body to lubricate the moving parts with the graphite powder.
HingesLight Engineering OilLubricate the central pins of each hinge and open/close the door sash to oil the hinges.
Door ComponentCleaning MaterialApplication
Door SashWarm Soapy WaterWash dust, grime and grit away, rinse with clean water. Dry with a soft cloth.
Door FrameWarm Soapy WaterWash dust, grime and grit away, rinse with clean water. Dry with a soft cloth. For stubborn stains use a reputable PVC cleaner.
Glass (inc lead work)Warm Soapy WaterWash using a soft cloth, do not rub against any lead work. Finish with a suitable glass cleaner.
Handles, knockers & letterplatesWarm Soapy WaterWash dust, grime and grit away, rinse with clean water. Dry with a soft cloth and buff to a shine.

Read and understand manufacturers safety advice when using substances and pressurised spray cans. Check material application and compatibility with this product before proceeding.


For offline use please find below a downloadable version of this product maintenance guide.