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Front door upgrade in Middlesbrough

  • Location: Middlebrough
  • Project: Front Door Replacement
  • Goals: To update the front door of a terrace house, giving it a contemporary look that harmonised with the existing white uPVC windows. The client sought a composite door with black hardware, including a letterplate and pull escutcheon. Additionally, they requested their house number to be etched into the top glass panel of the door.

Introduction: Our customer, a home owner in Middlebrough approached Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements with the aim of revitalising their property’s curb appeal by replacing the front door. The project aimed to enhance the visual appeal of the house while ensuring a seamless integration with the existing white uPVC windows. The client’s vision was to achieve a modern and elegant appearance for their terrace house, all while improving security and energy efficiency.


  1. Aesthetic Integration: The main challenge was to select a front door that would blend cohesively with the current white uPVC windows, creating a unified look.
  2. Customisation: The client requested a distinct design feature – etching the house number into the glass panel.
  3. Security and Energy Efficiency: The new front door needed to not only enhance aesthetics but also provide top-tier security and insulation.

Solution: Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements consulted with the client to understand their preferences and needs. After careful consideration, the following solutions were implemented:

  1. Composite Door Selection: To attain a modern appearance that complements the existing white uPVC windows, a high-quality composite door with a sleek design was chosen. The door featured a striking black hardware and integrated glazing design.
  2. Custom Glass Etching: The house number was etched into the top glass panel above the door, adding a unique and personalised element that made the entryway distinct.
  3. Security and Energy Features: The selected composite door not only met the client’s aesthetic preferences but also added to the security of the property. It featured a multi-point locking system and robust construction for property safety. Additionally, the door was designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring temperature comfort indoors.

Implementation: Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements expertly managed the entire installation process. Their skilled team ensured that the new composite door was securely fitted into the entryway, adhering to all necessary standards and regulations. The glass etching was executed with precision, providing a distinctive touch to the door.

Conclusion: Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements successfully fulfilled the client’s goals of upgrading the front door while ensuring it blended harmoniously with the existing uPVC windows. The outcome was a modern, secure, and energy-efficient entrance and the client was delighted with the result, highlighting Endeavour’s commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality home improvement solutions.