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Modernisation of a period property in Thornaby

Client Background

Our client owned a stunning period property in Thornaby, a picturesque village known for its historic charm. Their home was a true gem, boasting numerous original features that showcased the character of the property. However, they faced a common challenge: how to update their windows and doors to incorporate modern technologies while preserving the timeless beauty of their cherished period home.

Project Scope

Property Type: Period Home
Location: Thornaby

Client’s Goals

  • Incorporate modern technologies into the home.
    Preserve the original character and features of the property.
  • Enhance energy efficiency and security.

Our Approach

Endeavour Windows & Home Improvements took a meticulous approach to fulfil our client’s objectives while respecting the period features of their property. After a thorough assessment, we proposed the following solution:

Window Selection

We recommended the installation of cream flush casement windows, a choice that perfectly complemented the period-style architecture of the property. These windows offered a seamless blend of modern functionality and timeless elegance. They were designed to mimic the classic appearance of the original windows, ensuring that the property’s character remained intact.

Custom Glass Design

To add a unique touch to the windows, we created bespoke bevelled glass for the top openers. This custom-designed glass not only matched the front door but also added a touch of elegance and individuality to the property. The design was meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture.

Benefits Achieved

Modern Technologies: The new windows incorporated modern technology, including advanced insulation and security features, which improved the overall living experience in the home.

Preservation of Character: By selecting cream flush casement windows and custom-designed bevelled glass, we successfully retained the property’s original charm, ensuring that the modern upgrades blended seamlessly with the period charm of the property.

Energy Efficiency: The upgraded windows contributed to enhanced energy efficiency, reducing energy bills and making the home more sustainable.

Enhanced Security: The modern windows came equipped with advanced security features, providing peace of mind for the homeowners.

Project Outcome

Upon completion of the project our clients were thrilled with the results. Their period property combines the elegance of the past with the convenience of the present. The cream flush casement windows and custom glass design became a talking point among neighbours, and the enhanced energy efficiency and security features greatly improving the liveability of the property.

At Endeavour Windows & Home Improvements, we take immense pride in our ability to blend modern technology with historical charm, providing homeowners with the best of both worlds. This project in Thornaby was yet another example of our commitment to excellence in home improvements.