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Stunning Georgian Style Windows with Sash Horns, Solid Composite and Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Our client wished to complete their home renovation project with windows and doors that would enhance the wood cladding on their beautiful home. Their vision was clear: to create a striking transformation that would elevate their property’s appeal and blend harmoniously with the existing wooden cladding. To realize this vision, they engaged our team at Endeavour Windows & Home Improvements to install stunning black Georgian style windows with leadwork and sash horns, a solid composite front door, and sleek aluminium bi-fold doors at the rear of their residence. Our clients vision has created and the technical skills of our team has created a truely unique and striking property with bags of curb appeal.

Project Goals

  1. Enhance the visual appeal of the property with exquisite windows and doors.
  2. Improve energy efficiency, insulation, and security.
  3. Create a seamless integration of modern and traditional elements that complement the wooden cladding.

Project Overview

Location: Marske by the Sea, near Redcar
Project Completion: September 2023

Our Solution

Design Consultation

Our journey our clients began with an in-depth design consultation. They expressed their desire for a unique and timeless appearance for their home’s exterior. After considering their preferences and the need for improved energy efficiency, we proposed a combination of exquisite window designs, a solid composite front door, and aluminium bi-fold doors.

Product Selection

To meet our client’s vision and requirements, we sourced premium materials and products from reputable suppliers. The black Georgian style windows featured elegant leadwork and sash horns, adding a touch of sophistication and character. The solid composite front door was chosen for its durability and security features. For the rear, we recommended sleek and contemporary aluminium bi-fold doors to maximize natural light and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Results and Benefits

The project yielded remarkable results and benefits:

  1. Striking Transformation: The black Georgian style windows with leadwork and sash horns, along with the solid composite front door, created a striking and unique exterior that surpassed the client’s expectations.
  2. Improved Energy Efficiency: The new installations significantly enhanced insulation and energy efficiency, contributing to reduced utility costs.
  3. Seamless Integration: The aluminium bi-fold doors at the rear seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Wooden Cladding Enhancement: The entire project complemented the existing wooden cladding, creating a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements.


The Markse project is a testament to Endeavour Windows & Home Improvements’ commitment to delivering bespoke and transformative solutions that meet our clients’ aspirations. Our clients residence now boasts a stunning and energy-efficient transformation that perfectly complements the wooden cladding, creating a picturesque and harmonious exterior.