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Transforming a Home in Houghton Le Spring with French Doors and Accent Gold Hardware

  • Location: Houghton Le Spring
  • Project: French Door Installation
  • Goals: The client desired to enhance their property with a set of new French doors that featured accent gold hardware.

Introduction: In the picturesque town of Houghton Le Spring, our customer approached Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements with the intention of elevating their property’s charm and utility by installing brand-new French doors. The primary objectives were to enhance the overall appearance of the home and add a touch of sophistication with accent gold hardware.


  1. Aesthetic Enhancement: The primary challenge was to select French doors that not only added to the property’s appeal but also integrated seamlessly with the existing architectural style and décor.
  2. Hardware Selection: The client’s specific request for accent gold hardware looks classy and blends harmoniously with the design of the French doors and the interior of the home.

Solution: Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements consulted with the client to fully understand their vision and requirements. After thorough analysis, the following solutions were implemented:

  1. French Door Selection: A set of elegant and energy-efficient French doors were selected to complement the property’s aesthetics. These doors not only offered an attractive appearance but also superior functionality in terms of natural light and ventilation.
  2. Accent Gold Hardware: In line with the client’s request for a touch of sophistication, accent gold hardware was chosen for the French doors. This choice added a luxurious and unique element to the home.
  3. Expert Installation: The installation of the French doors, including the hardware, was executed by Endeavour’s skilled professionals to ensure a precise fit and flawless functionality. This meticulous installation was critical to realizing the client’s vision.

Implementation: Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements managed the entire installation process. Their experienced team ensured that the new French doors were securely fitted into the property, with the accent gold hardware seamlessly integrated. The result was a stunning addition that not only enhanced the property’s visual appeal but also provided excellent functionality.

Conclusion: Endeavour Windows and Home Improvements successfully met the client’s goals of enhancing their home with the installation of French doors and accent gold hardware. The outcome was a transformation that not only elevated the property’s visual appeal but also improved its functionality. The client was delighted with the results, highlighting Endeavour’s commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality home improvement solutions that exceed expectations.