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Mock Timber Alternate Windows

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Get the wood look you want without the ongoing maintenance. Our Timber Alternative Windows replicate traditional wooden windows and doors with energy-efficient uPVC profiles and are much simplier to maintain than their wood counterparts. They do not require painting, staining, will not shrink, swell, twist or warp depending on the weather and can be cleaned and maintained with only a wet cloth and some soap.

Our uPVC wood effect windows not only look like the real thing but far and away out-perform the real thing being much less suseptible to rot and decay making our wood effect windows the smart long-lasting option and considerably more friendly on your budgets.

What “wood” you choose?

The choice of uPVC colours and options is growing every year and it is nearly impossible to ask for a colour or profile combination to suit your property.

Flush sash windows have perfected the art of replicating heritage designs, making them an ideal choice for historic buildings and conservation projects. Meticulously crafted to resemble traditional wooden frames, our timber alternative uPVC windows and flush French doors offer numerous advantages.

By harnessing advancements in modern materials and technology, we have created windows that not only emulate the character and charm of timber but also provide exceptional thermal efficiency and security. Compared to authentic timber, our flush sash windows are undeniably more cost-effective, all while significantly improving the comfort and aesthetic appeal of any property. These windows are tailored for contemporary living, seamlessly blending into both modern and new build properties with their sleek and unobtrusive appearance

When it comes to wood effect windows we find these are very popular upgrades for period (and some listed) properties or homes in conservations areas. We have found over the years that those looking to keep to a traditional look go to the Cherrywood (Rosewood if you prefer). These are your brown-redish finishes but the colour choices and grain effects cover most other popular hardwoods used in traditional window manufacturing such as Irish Oak and Golden Oak.


Golden Oak

Irish Oak

Customer Transformation Projects with Wood Effect Products